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Serial Comm I/O Cards

We have used and like the following companies for serial port hardware. Have a look!

Byte Runner Technologies
Byte Runner Technologies specializes in high-speed 16550, 16650 & 16750 UART serial I/O cards, many with bidirectional and ECP/EPP parallel ports. All serial cards (1, 2, 4 and 8 ports) are available with at least 16550 UARTs.

B&B Electronics
B&B Electronics manufactures Computer Communications and Data Acquitions Tools, including USB, Fiber Optics, Ethernet and Communications Cards.

Sealevel Systems
Sealevel Systems manufactures multiport RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial I/O adapters. Advanced COM drivers are included providing IRQ sharing, advanced UART feature enable (16650, 16750, and 16850), and other features.

Software Tools

Virtual Integrated Design
The RS232 Hex Com Tool is a terminal program that communicates with just about any RS232 peripheral. The RS232 Com Monitor is a tool for monitoring and troubleshooting RS232 communication.

Cobol Access Plus
RLDT (Relational Language & Database Technology) provides a fully transparent gateway between Cobol applications and database technology for Unix and Windows systems. Fully compatible with SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Ingres and others on demand.

GPS Information

GPS A2Z Everything GPS, from Alpine GPS to What Is GPS.

Compiler Manufacturers

We have used compilers from the following manufacturers in the development and testing of our products.


FREE Open Watcom C
FREE Microsoft C++ Express Edition
FREE Borland C/C++ 5.5
MIX Power C
Inexpensive ($20) MIX Power C is an ANSI compatible C compiler for DOS that requires very few resources.
FREE Lcc-Win32 at Univerity of Virginia
Freeware C compiler developed and distributed by Jacob Navia.
FREE Turbo C 2.01 DOS Compiler
A very nice and easy to use C/C++ implementation from the UK.
FREE Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler
FREE Minimalist GNU for Windows C/C++


PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for best DOS BASIC compiler. Also with the award winning PowerBASIC DLL Compiler for Windows (PB/DLL) and PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows (PB/CC).
NS Basic
Easy to Use Development Tools! NS Basic/Desktop and NS Basic/CE (Mobile Windows 2003)


Code Gear (Borland) Delphi
The first rapid application development environment for Windows.
FREE Turbo Delphi Exporer
Also see Code Gear Home


ABSOFT Fortran
Absoft Pro Fortran includes workstation class F77 toolset, MPI Libraries, and IMSL Math & Stat Libraries.
Compaq Visual Fortran
(formerly DIGITAL Visual Fortran) is a 32-bit Fortran implementation that lets you leverage high-performance Compaq Fortran 95 compiler technology along with Microsoft Visual C++ within a common development environment.
A very nice and easy to use Fortran implementation from the UK.


Fujitsu COBOL
Fujitsu COBOL V4 includes project management, class browsing, GUI and report design, configuration management, data file maintenance, text editing, debugging. Download COBOL V3 from Fujitsu for free.
Micro Focus COBOL
The home for Micro Focus Net Express COBOL.


dBASE Plus
The home for dBASE Plus developers. dBASE is a rich collection of object-oriented, cross-database tools for designing, organizing, managing, gathering, converting and reporting data, application development, deployment and project management.
The home for Alaska Xbase++ developers. Xbase++ fully supports Clipper features like preprocessor, code blocks, macro-evaluation, functions and commands.


EXCEL Easy - EXCEL Tutorial
Programming Fun - The Many Languages of Computers

Embedded is a leading portal for embedded systems, RTOS, DSP, boards and more.

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