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Credit Cards

Orders are normally delivered by email within one hour during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday CST). Complete documentation is included in all software delivered by email.

Windows Products (Windows XP thru Windows 11)

Includes Win32 and Win64 (not Win16) libraries.

Product Select New or Update Order Source Select Language
MCM MarshallSoft Client Mailer
FCE FTP Client Component
WSC Windows Standard Comm Library
CSC Client/Server Comm Library
AES MarshallSoft AES Library
MGC MGC: MarshallSoft GPS Component Library

(Legacy) Windows Products (Win 95 thru Windows XP)

Legacy products do include technical support

Product Select New or Update Order Source Select Language
Winsock Inteface Library

(Legacy) DOS Products (Real Mode)

Legacy products do include technical support

Product Order Type Language
Personal Communications Library
Personal Protocol Library

Customer Information

Software is delivered electronically to the credit card holder's email address. The software will be encrypted using the last 7 digits of your voice phone numer.

  Contact Email Address (max 40 chars):  REQUIRED

Company Name (max 40 chars): (max 40 chars) First Name (max 20 chars): REQUIRED Last Name (max 30 chars): REQUIRED Street Address (max 30 chars): REQUIRED (max 30 chars) City (max 30 chars): REQUIRED State (max 30 chars): ZIP / Postal Code (max 6 chars) : REQUIRED Country (max 8 chars) : Voice Phone (max 12 chars): REQUIRED Customer ID (max 6 chars) : Required ONLY for existing customers Compute from KeyCode Comments (max 255) :

ORDER TYPE: Check to pay through PayPal with a credit card (a Paypal account is not necessary).
Leave unchecked to pay directly with a credit card (AmEx, Mastercard, Visa, Discover).

Skip to SUBMIT ORDER below if this is a PayPal order.

Credit Card Holder Information

You will be redirected to our secure credit card server before entering credit card information.

Check if the billing information is the same as the Customer Information above, then go to SUBMIT ORDER below.

          Email Address :  REQUIRED

Company Name : First Name : REQUIRED Last Name : REQUIRED Street Address : REQUIRED City : REQUIRED State : ZIP / Postal Code : REQUIRED Country : Voice Phone : REQUIRED

Submit Order

Coupon Code (if you have a code issued by MarshallSoft). The discounted priced will be displayed on the next screen after the order button is selected.

Enter the number 123 in the box marked Confirmation Code below, then push ORDER to submit your order, or CLEAR to clear the order form. You will be asked to enter your credit card number (Account Data) and your credit card security code (CVV2) on our PCI DSS compliant secure credit card server.

Confirmation Code Mouse over ORDER to validate REQUIRED fields.

Email us at (with subject VM HELP) if you have any problem ordering.

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