Personal Serial Communications Library for C/C++ DOS

The Personal Serial Communication Library for C/C++ DOS supports real and protected mode DOS, COM1 through COM20 to 115200, 4+ ports concurrently, many dumb multiport boards, 16550, 16650, 16750 UARTs, interrupt driven, RTS/CTS flow control, any UART address and IRQ, and all memory models. Supports Watcom C/C++, Borland/Turbo C/C++, MIX Power C, and Microsoft C/C++. For RS232, RS422, RS485. Registration is $95 for email delivery. For manuals mailed, add $20 S&H ($25 overseas).

The Personal Serial Communications Library for C/C++ (PCL4C) can be used in the development of real and protected mode applications running under DOS. The evaluation version of PCL4C is fully functional.

PCL4C was one of the finalist for the 1997 Industry Shareware Awards, and is listed as one of the "1001 Best Downloads" by PC Computing. PCL4C is also one of the most popular downloads in the development tools section on ZDNET ( ZDNET has rated PCL4C 4 stars 4 Stars.

Current version is 6.2.

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Personal Protocol Library for C/C++

The Personal Protocol Library for C/C++ (PPL4C) is a library of four protocols: ASCII, XMODEM, YMODEM, and ZMODEM. Also comes with a script compiler and interpreter. The XMODEM driver can also run XMODEM-CRC and XMODEM-1K, and the YMODEM driver can also run YMODEM-G. Support Turbo C, Borland C, MIX Power C, Microsoft C. Requires the Personal Communications Library for C/C++ (PCL4C). Registration is $40.

Current version is 1.1.

Download PPL4C