FTP FAQ (FTP Client Engine)

Still Getting Shareware Screen

Question: Although I have registered, I am still getting the shareware popup window.

Answer: Windows loads the first copy of the DLL that it finds. Search for and delete (or zip up) all copies of FCE16.DLL and FCE32.DLL except the registered copy.

Cannot List Files

Question: I am able to connect to a particular FTP server, but I get errors everytime I try to list the files.

Answer: You may have to use "passive mode". "Passive mode" means that the server specifies the data port rather than the client when listing or transferring files. Using passive mode is often necessary to get past a firewall.

Passive mode is an optional FTP command, so that although most FTP servers support passive mode, there are some that do not. Passive mode can be enabled by calling:

   fceSetInteger(Channel, FCE_SET_PASSIVE, 1)

"Socket Address Already In Use" Error

Question: I am getting "Socket Address Already In Use" errors.

Answer: The FTP protocol specifies that data sockets are reserved after use for some fixed period of time. This means that a data socket cannot be immediately re-used. When making multiple calls to list or transfer files, FCE will increment the data socket number. However, if you terminate and then restart your application while the FTP server still has your last data socket reserved, and attempt to list or transfer files, you will get the error "socket address already in use". There are two solutions to this problem. (1) Wait a minute or so, then try again. (2) Use PASSIVE mode.

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