Email FAQ (SMTP/POP3 Email Engine)

The 76 Character Limit

Question: I want to sent email messages where each line is longer than 76 characters. A carriage return (CR), line feed (LF) is added after every 76 characters in my email message.

Answer: Before sending email, call


Still Getting Shareware Screen

Question: Although I have registered, I am still getting the shareware popup window.

Answer: Windows loads the first copy of the DLL that it finds. Search for and delete (or zip up) all copies of SEE16.DLL and SEE32.DLL except the registered copy.

No Relay Allowed Server Error

Question: Why am I getting "No relay allowed" error from the server (Error 5xx) when trying to send email?

Answer: Most SMTP servers require that the email client be locally connected or that the email recipient be in the same domain as the SMTP server. Some SMTP servers will also accept email for delivery if the client first connects to its POP3 account first.

Some SMTP servers support "SMTP Authentication" which is also supported by SEE. See SMTP Authentication

Sending Accented Letters

Question: How can I send accented letters (,,,,,,,,) in my email?

Answer: Before sending email, call

   seeIntegerParam(Channel, SEE_QUOTED_PRINTABLE, QUOTED_8859)

Sending HTML Email

Question: How can I send HTML in my email ?

Answer: Before sending email, call

   seeIntegerParam(Channel, SEE_QUOTED_PRINTABLE, QUOTED_HTML)
However, the client email program that downloads the email message must be able to render HTML (like Eudora and Outlook), otherwise it will be displayed just as you sent it (HTML coded text).

"Authentication Required" Error

Question: When trying to send mail, I'm getting an "Authentication Required" error.

Answer: The SMTP server is requiring that you connect using the SMTP Authentication protocol. See the SMTP Authentication example program; AUTHEN.C, AUTHEN32.BAS, AUTHEN_PGM.PAS, AUTHEN.PRG, or AUTHEN.CBL.

"Connection refused by remote host" Error

Question: When trying to connect to a SMTP or POP3 server, I get error "Connection refused by remote host".

Answer: The server is either not running (at the IP address you specified) or there is a firewall (or virus scanner) interferring with the connection.

To verify this, start the Microsoft TELNET.EXE client using the exact same host name (or IP address) and the same port number as in your SEE application program. The server should accept your connection and send it's greeting message.

HTML email arrives with missing or changed characters

Question: Why does my HTML email arrive with missing or changed characters?

Answer: You must be careful to construct your HTML coded message using the standard See HTML character set.

Sending/Receiving Email via Gmail

Question: Can I sending and/or receive email using my Gmail account?

Answer: See Using SEE with GMail

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