Key Code Problems

All of our products contain a function that is used to pass the key code to the library code. The keycode for the evaluation version is always 0 and the keycode for the purchased version is a 7 to 10 digit number found in the "keycode" file in the APPS directory created when the SETUP program is run. The keycode file is named:

and must be called before any other library function. The keycode function is named

If you have installed the purchased version of one of our libraries and the evaluation screen is being displayed, it means that Windows has found the evaluation version of the DLL before the purchased version. To solve this problem, first search your computer and delete all copies of the DLL:

Verify that the DLL's have been deleted by searching your computer again. Then re-run the SETUP program from the purchased version.

If the DLL cannot be attached (an error message to this effect will be displayed) but the evaluation screen is not being displayed, it means that the wrong keycode value is being passed. Cut the keycode number from your KEYCODE file and paste it directly into the call that passes the keycode. For example, if the keycode value is 1234567:

Of course, re-compile from source after making these changes.

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