Software development tools for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Stand-alone Application Programs for Windows.

Internet Communication Component Library for Windows.

RS232-RS422-RS485 Serial Communications Library Toolkit for Windows

GPS NMEA Component Library Toolkit for Windows

Component Libraries by Software Language

Our libraries (DLL's) are developer tools that can be used by programs written in all supported computer languages. Purchase a developer license for a specific product for one software language and use the same registered DLLs with all other supported languages for that product (i.e., purchase SEE4C and use the DLLs with SEE4VB since all versions of SEE use the same DLLs (SEE32.DLL or SEE64.DLL). The examples provided with each software version are developed and tested using the specified computer environment language. The libraries will also work with any program that can call the Windows API.

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